Basic Workshop PSYCH-K (English): Malaga area, Spain. November 9-10-11, 2019

Welcome to the Basic Workshop in the Malaga area , Spain. Relax and rewire to transform your life.

Dates:  November 9-10-11, 2019 (Saturday-Sunday-Monday)
Instructor: Mariette Ham
Language: English 

Venue for the workshop: Caleta de Velez (30 kilometers east of Malaga)

Accommodation for participants:  self-organized  (prices vary from 25 – 100 euro per night).

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If you want to be close to the venue of the workshop you opt for Caleta de Velez. If you prefer to stay where the action is you opt for Torre del Mar (2 kilometers). Transport: a nice walk along the beach, rent-a-bike, public bus, rent-a-car.
We might offer a pick up service. 

Upon registration you receive more information. 

We are willing to coordinate room-sharing. Contact me for any question: [email protected]

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I’m ready to answer any question: 

[email protected]  |  Phone: +32 4869911 88


Immerse yourself in the empowering processes of PSYCH-K: join the Basic and the Advanced Integration Workshop back-to-back (2 days in between)

Allow yourself quality time with yourself and like-minded people:

  • The Basic Workshop: change your beliefs and release stress to free your mind and empower yourself (Nov. 9-11)
  • The Advanced Integration Workshop: learn tools for deep change (core beliefs, relationships, communication, lifescript, and much more).Coming home to yourself, feeling whole. (Nov. 14-17)
  • Optional during the Basic and Advanced workshop: yoga classes in the morning (€ 5 euro per class)


What participants say about attending the Basic and Advanced workshops back-to-back

  • “I decided to join both the Basic and the Advanced back-to-back, mainly for practical reasons. It was fantastic! It made me  feel competent to support my clients with the simple (basic) protocols as well as with the specific deep change processes for core beliefs, relationships and so much more!”  Andrea.
  • “The most important aspect of the Basic workshop, is the empowerment to create my own life. Then the Advanced changed my life! For years I had been working on certain issues that remained unsolved. With the Core Belief Balance and the other Advanced Balances I explored this old issue. Finally I liberated myself from hidden conflicting beliefs. It was an amazing experience”
  • In July 2019 I spent 12 wonderful days in Chateau de LaSalle in France while participating in PSYCH-K Basic and Advanced workshops. I was repeating the Basic workshop and though I´d had already some experience with these processes, Mariette gave us a lot of practical tips of how to create a perfect Goal Statement or how to cope when things don´t go accurately. Everything was very simple and logical and her amazing and charming way of teaching and demonstrating I shall remember forever. After 2 days off in between both workshops I was really curious and eager to learn more, as the atmosphere was very vibrant. With her lightness and humour, Mariette gave us courage to undergo some new balances like Core Belief Balance which might reveal some hidden side of Ourselves.
    I found out that going through such Balance with friends from the Basic workshop was just a priceless gift. Feeling secure and understood allowed me to go really very deep. Discovering my hidden core belief just opened my eyes and allowed me to comprehend of what had been limiting me so far. That is just a huge step towards my transformation. 
    Dear Mariette, thank you so much for showing me the way towards transformation and happiness. I can feel I´m knocking on the door now. It is really difficult to express in words how I feel. My gratitude is endless. I also found new friendships for life”. Irena
  • The power of this work is nothing short of a re-birthing of Self.  Although I was aware of my issues intellectually, and had consciously worked on healing Self for years… this could not come undone, but this moment was the perfect time for the  “new directions goal statement balance”. The Balance was serene and beautiful, I fell off into a sweet out of body sleep experience for a few minutes, upon arising the heavy emotion was replaced with lightness and my body was energized. I felt my fledgling wings a little stronger, a sweet peace and inspiration to share with you. A whole new life is awaiting me, I can feel it. I’ve roamed the world from the time I was old enough to leave home looking for truth and a greater love, all the while it was inside of me; it is me. In gratitude to Mariette and Psych-K, and in honor of all of our transformations. Susan. 


You can join us for the Basic Workshop only.
Bonus: a free copy of Rob Williams’ book “The missing piece/peace”

Special Empowerment Bonus – if you join both workshops in Spain:  a free individual empowerment session  with your instructor Mariette, to accelerate your transformation process (session before or after the workshops). 


Stress? Tired of pushing yourself without achieving your goals? Is your life not as easy and successful as you would like?  The result is stress, anger, or other emotions because you do not achieve what you want. Moreover, it can make you tired, or sick.

This workshop is for those who want to take responsability for their own life.  If you are looking for something new and effective this is the place to bePSYCH-K definitely sets you free: you learn easy and highly effective tools that empower you to change beliefs and release stress. In just a few minutes.  

Check out these pages to find out more: 



Join me in Malaga, Spain to experience this empowering and uplifting impact of PSYCH-K.


Dates: November 9-10-11, 2019 
Times: 9:00-18:00 (day 1); 9.00-18.00 (day 2); 9.00-16.00 (day 3)
Venue: Malaga area (venue for the workshop & accommodation for participants, to be confirmed) 
Price:  € 600 + VAT (€ 726)
Repeaters price: € 150 (bring your own material)
Repeaters price if you participated in my earlier workshop: € 120 (bring your own material)

Become a PSYCH-K Facilitator for creating an easy and fulfilling life; to release stress and to achieve your goals. With your skills you can also support your friends and family. 

Especially for professionals PSYCH-K proofs to be a valuable add-on. They easily integrate these processes in their practice (like coaches, therapists, osteopaths, energy healers, doctors and a wide range of other professionals).


Bruce Lipton says “PSYCH-K is one of the most important, efficient, effective and rapid change processes that we have today on our planet.”. He writes about PSYCH-K in his book “The Biology of Belief” (addendum) and in “The Honeymoon effect” (p. 99-100, 126).


Want to know more or have a chat? Contact me: [email protected]


General terms and conditions

  • Only your registration followed by your payment ensures your spot in the workshop.
  • Refunds for PSYCH-K Workshops are only possible if a written cancellation request is received by email. 100% refund is allowed when cancellation is received at least 1 month prior to the workshop; 50% is refundable  when cancellation is received at least 14 days prior to the workshop. 
  • The Instructor holds the right to change the venue of the workshop anytime. 
  • Changingyourbeliefs holds the right to change the venue of the workshop anytime. Participants are informed in due time
  • Changingyourbeliefs holds the right to cancel of postpone a workshop. Paid tuition will be rolled over to another workshop.

Come Home to Yourself

“May all that is unlived in you

Blossom into a future,
Graced with love.”


These lines are from a poem by John O’ Donohue. It’s called “TO COME HOME TO YOURSELF” and I love what it conveys. A wealth of potential is living inside you waiting to be acknowledged and lived.

Stop complaining – Beliefs

Complaining is a habit. Beliefs can transform this pattern  

Complaining is a habit. When you tend to complain you can look for solutions for every specific situation. It is faster and better to first change underlying patterns to empower yourself and be able to cope with any situation. 


Following beliefs are helpful to replace the habit of complaining with healthy habits

  • I know my needs
  • I feel my needs
  • I understand my needs
  • I am free and take my own needs seriously
  • My needs are as important as other people’s needs
  • I allow myself to put my own needs first
  • It is easy for me to communicate my needs
  • I express my needs to the right person
  • I express my needs respectfully
  • I trust others listen to / acknowledge my needs
  • I fulfill my needs with ease and joy 
  • …..

When you communicate effectively about your  needs, others listen and take you seriously.

You feel seen and heard.

In your conversation with others often a solution is found that fullfills your needs even better!


Fulfilling your needs at work

Mona got promoted to a project manager position. Although consciously she knows she is fully capable, she lacks personal impact to get things done in the team.

In her private session she connects to her needs and values. She is driven by collaboration, being accountable and transparency. We explore how she wants to act in alignment with these values. While we do a few transformation processes, some old hidden beliefs and obstacles surface. Immediately we replace them with new supportive beliefs.

Mona has immediate results of these new beliefs: she feels a big relief and is energized.
To confirm the shift I invite Mona to go back to a recent situation where she lost impact and ‘replay’ that moment with me. To her own amazement now her communication is completely different. She automatically knows what to say and she expresses herself clearly and focused.

Moreover, her whole body language has changed dramatically. She behaves with self-confidence and impact.
After a month she reports in the team it’s easy to get things done. She is an appreciated and successful project manager.

Fulfilling your needs in a relationship

Sometimes fulfilling your needs can take a surprising turn.

For example: Richard tells his partner he would like to go for a walk in the weekends. He wants more intimacy and togetherness. She listens, but it doesn’t happen. Than suddenly the next weekend she proposes to take their bikes for a ride.

Now Richard’s need is fulfilled in a surprising way. Richard is glad to go out with their bikes. His friend needed some time and Richard had the opportunity to practice some patience. 


Want to easily move from complaining to empowerment?


Read my blog – why it is useless and unhealthy to complain

If you want some assistance to replace your habit of complaining, then contact me for a private session. Explore what keeps you in this habit and then free your mind! 

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The damaging effect of denying parts in ourselves.

Courtesy picture: Selim Demirdelen. Film director, musician and good friend. In his movie “Anlat Istanbul Istanbul Tales” he brings the dark side of Istanbul to the surface. Together with him I explored the darkest corners of the cellars of castle De Maurissens, Pellenberg.  A walk to remember!


The damaging effects of denying parts in ourselves we don’t like – and why we should stop doing this.

So many people come to me with the idea they need to “fight against” what they don’t want, or against their ‘shadow’.    

This blog covers:

  • Finding the courage to face your shadow
  • The power of daring to embrace and forgive
  • Reconnect to the real you.

How to release yourself from an unhealthy relationship with your mother?

Today Eva’s life has dramatically changed thanks to a different perspective on intimate relationships.  She tells me about her freedom with her body, sexuality, engaging with men… Especially she enjoys her sensuality: connecting from the heart, feeling free, loving her body…


Unhealthy beliefs were impacting Eva deeper than she thought.


Six month ago Eva comes to me for a Relationship Balance with her mother. She looks stressed. Still she is too much influenced by her mother and she wants to unchain herself.
Her fists are clenched. She feels frustrated. Something is still affecting her. 


Don’t repeat the same old story

We outline a clear purpose for a Relationship Balance with Eva’s mother. However, when we intent to start the transformation process, permission is denied (In PSYCH-K we use an integrity check).

It happens again so we need to do something different!


You can’t change your reality while living in the past

Clearly Eva is investing too much thinking, too much effort. Also, reliving the past inhibits her to see a way out.
I invite her to turn inwards and connect to a big desire that would change her life. Immediately she knows: it’s my sexuality, she cries out!

Suddenly Eva realizes somehow she is still this fighting against her mother’s limiting messages about sexuality, loving yourself, enjoying to be loved and to love, relationships with men… These beliefs are like engraved on her (subconscious) mind.  


Own your own personal truth

Now the goal for Eva’s Relationship Balance is to connect in a peaceful and powerful way to her sexuality. We use a process to synchronize the brain and transform the subconscious ‘mindchat’.

Eva’s energy, thoughts, feelings and perceptions are shifting. On subconscious level she is liberating herself from inhibiting beliefs and the impact of sabotaging experiences. The old triggers are neutralized: she will not be susceptible any more to her mother’s ideas.

Instead – and at the same time – she builds her own personal truth about love, being loved, sexuality, sensuality, relationships with men...

Eva is ready and open for change. What a relief.

The shift in thinking and feeling Eva observes during the Balance are the first signals of the results that are now showing up in her life. The new perceptions are integrated on subconscious level (that’s where we keep our personal truth about ourselves).  

While so many authors like Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Elizabeth Blackburn explain why we need to change our perceptions and beliefs on subconscious level, to live a healthy and fulfilling life, PSYCH-K enables you to do it. With ease, joy and fulfilment.


So what about your relationships?

  • what relationship could be better… in what way?
  • what’s your story about this relationship?
  • what if you would stop allowing the other person to impact you…
  • and instead focus on yourself? Find out how this issue is related to a big desire that lives inside, waiting to be heard?
  • do your transformational work with a method you know.

Do you want some assistance in disclosing and changing challenging underlying patters or beliefs in a relationship?

Join me in a workshop  to learn how to use the PSYCH-K transformational processes

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Change your life: step into your NEW NOW

Why repeating the past doesn’t always help.

Liberate yourself from hidden obstacles through creating the NEW NOW.


Peter calls and tells me how happy he is he finally got the assignment for a challenging project. He will redesign the marketing approach. His presentation was great so he immediately received permission for this project. He thanks me again and wonders how I guided him to this result so quickly.

The biggest mind shift people make during my coaching is that they realize digging up the painful past often is an unnecessary detour to achieve their new desired reality.