10 ways to stop complaining. Beliefs to change underlying patterns

10 Beliefs to transform underlying patters related to complaining 

Of course you can look for solutions for every specific situation. It works faster and better to first change underlying patterns to empower yourself beyond a specific situation. 


Following beliefs are helpful to replace complaining by healthy habits

  • I know my needs
  • I feel my needs
  • I understand my needs
  • I am autonomous (free) and create my own needs
  • it is easy for me to communicate my needs
  • I express my needs to the right person
  • I express my needs respectfully
  • I trust others listen to my needs
  • I trust others take my needs into account
  • I fulfill my needs with ease and joy 
  • …..

Note: “fulfilling my needs” can take surprising forms. When I communicate effectively about my needs and others listen and take them into account, I feel heard. In the conversation something can show up that fulfills my needs even better. For example: I tell my partner I would like to walk together in the fields in the weekend, he listens, but when I invite him on Saterday, it does not happen. Than suddenly the next weekend he proposes to go out with our bikes. Now my need is fulfilled in a surprising way. He needed some time and I had the opportunity to practice some patience. 


Want to easily move from complaining to empowerment?  

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