You’ve got a problem

Do I have the answer that’s right for you?


You keep bumping into this?


  1. Do you feel like you’re stuck?
  2. Fed up that you say ‘yes’ again while you actually want to say ‘no’?
  3. Tried to lose weight; but again, unsuccessfully?
  4. Do you like taking care of others, but you forget yourself?
  5. Eternal doubt is haunting you?
  6. Is a loving relationship still an unfulfilled dream?
  7. Your high sensitivity is part of you, but often it is a burden?
  8. Headaches, allergies, fatigue, stuttering, blushing… ? You want this to stop?
  9. Are you suffering from an old traumatic experience?
  10. High sensitivity? Feeling as if you as missing something? Always searching for something? Maybe you’re part of a twin. You survived but with the deep inprint of this sudden loss. 
  11. Do you suffer from grief or loss?
  12. Are you struggling with perfectionism? 
  13. ……………….


S o   U n c o m f o r t a b l e!


You’re not the only one 

After trying so many things, there is only one thing blocking the solution: you don’t know how to change your thinking, feeling and behaviour easily and quickly.

Not for once, but permanently. 


The secret you need to know

Humans are creatures of habit. What we repeatedly think or do becomes a habit and the brain records it: it creates  synapses (connections between neurons – like a track in the  grass)

Neurosciences explains that 95% of human behavior
 is determined by these habits in the subconscious mind. This is your personal database of beliefs, emotions, experiences, values.

This 95% of behavior operates like an autopilot. You are in ‘autopilot’  mode when you drive a car; when you do your morning  routine; the way you do your work; how you deal with relationships; how you talk; how you perceive safety, honesty; how you react to other people’s behavior; what pushes you in fightm flight or freeze mode…

We need that autopilot to function but unfortunately, that autopilot also perpetuates behavior and habits that you don’t like or that drain your energy 

The secret of letting go or change blocks or bad habits lies in the subconscious mind.

  • The theory of neuroplasticity explains that it is possible to create new neuro connections.
  • The ‘Whole-Brain-State’ is the second mechanism you need. It creates a receptive brain state (Alpha, Theta) that turns off resistance to change.

After the change process, obstacles are replaced by supportive ideas and feelings. Then suddenly this 95% automatic behavior works to your advantage!

“Then your life is a positive self-fulfilling prophecy, rather than a daily struggle.” (Bruce Lipton about PSYCH-K)

change process in the subconscious mind is exactly what you need. 
Because what you’ve tried so far did not bring you the solution



  1. You’re in the flow and every time you take another step. Without pushing yourself
  2. Your Yes is a Yes. And your No is a No. Without stress or doubts
  3. Healthy living has become your natural habit. Without it being an obsession
  4. Taking care of yourself comes first. Without feeling selfish
  5. Doubt has given way to conscious decision making with confidence and intuition. Without regrets afterwards
  6. You have a loving relationship in which you enjoy each other, in equality and respect. Without sacrificing anything.
  7. Your high sensitivity is your natural gift, with a clear boundary between ‘that is yours’ and ‘this is mine’. Without having to hide this talent
  8. Ailments are gone and you’re feeling well. Without fear that it will come back
  9. You’ve finally let go of your trauma. Without having to go through a painful process
  10. You feel peace of mind as the only survivor of twins. You feel whole and gained focus. You are able to embrace the value of this experience
  11. You are in peace with the loss of a beloved one. Gratitude has replaced anger, sadness or suffering
  12. Perfectionism is gone. You’re enough. You live by your own healthy standards. No struggle any more
  13. What a relief. Your problem is solved. You can move on. Effortlessly. With ease and joy.  


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