Stop complaining – Beliefs

Complaining is a habit. Beliefs can transform this pattern  

Complaining is a habit. When you tend to complain you can look for solutions for every specific situation. It is faster and better to first change underlying patterns to empower yourself and be able to cope with any situation. 


Following beliefs are helpful to replace the habit of complaining with healthy habits

  • I know my needs
  • I feel my needs
  • I understand my needs
  • I am free and take my own needs seriously
  • My needs are as important as other people’s needs
  • I allow myself to put my own needs first
  • It is easy for me to communicate my needs
  • I express my needs to the right person
  • I express my needs respectfully
  • I trust others listen to / acknowledge my needs
  • I fulfill my needs with ease and joy 
  • …..

When you communicate effectively about your  needs, others listen and take you seriously.

You feel seen and heard.

In your conversation with others often a solution is found that fullfills your needs even better!


Fulfilling your needs at work

Mona got promoted to a project manager position. Although consciously she knows she is fully capable, she lacks personal impact to get things done in the team.

In her private session she connects to her needs and values. She is driven by collaboration, being accountable and transparency. We explore how she wants to act in alignment with these values. While we do a few transformation processes, some old hidden beliefs and obstacles surface. Immediately we replace them with new supportive beliefs.

Mona has immediate results of these new beliefs: she feels a big relief and is energized.
To confirm the shift I invite Mona to go back to a recent situation where she lost impact and ‘replay’ that moment with me. To her own amazement now her communication is completely different. She automatically knows what to say and she expresses herself clearly and focused.

Moreover, her whole body language has changed dramatically. She behaves with self-confidence and impact.
After a month she reports in the team it’s easy to get things done. She is an appreciated and successful project manager.

Fulfilling your needs in a relationship

Sometimes fulfilling your needs can take a surprising turn.

For example: Richard tells his partner he would like to go for a walk in the weekends. He wants more intimacy and togetherness. She listens, but it doesn’t happen. Than suddenly the next weekend she proposes to take their bikes for a ride.

Now Richard’s need is fulfilled in a surprising way. Richard is glad to go out with their bikes. His friend needed some time and Richard had the opportunity to practice some patience. 


Want to easily move from complaining to empowerment?


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