Health and Wellbeing Program PSYCH-K (HWP)

Event details

  • Starts: 1 November 2018 9:00 AM
  • Ends: 4 November 2018 6:00 PM
  • Location: Castle ‘De Maurissens’ Weligerveld 6, 3212 Pellenberg (close to Leuven) Belgium
  • Instructor: Duccio Locati.
  • Organizer: Mariette Ham | [email protected] | M: +32 486.99.11.88 (also Whatsapp)

This workshop will be given in English. Our experience is that all people (with various linguistic backgrounds) can easily follow.

For Dutch speaking people translation is available; for French speaking there will also be support available.


CLICK HERE for detailed information about the program


This Program is for PSYCH-K enthusiasts, both professional and non-professional, who want to learn how to achieve and support optimal health and wellbeing, using a non-medical model.

Organizing your travel and lodging

For all information use this website: it provides complete and updated information about flights, trains, lodging etc.

At about 700 meter from the venue you can book a room in Villa Varia  (B&B). Contact: [email protected]


Welcome! Duccio und Mariette