How to release yourself from an unhealthy relationship with your mother?

Today Eva’s life has dramatically changed thanks to a different perspective on intimate relationships.  She tells me about her freedom with her body, sexuality, engaging with men… Especially she enjoys her sensuality: connecting from the heart, feeling free, loving her body…


Unhealthy beliefs were impacting Eva deeper than she thought.


Six month ago Eva comes to me for a Relationship Balance with her mother. She looks stressed. Still she is too much influenced by her mother and she wants to unchain herself.
Her fists are clenched. She feels frustrated. Something is still affecting her. 


Don’t repeat the same old story

We outline a clear purpose for a Relationship Balance with Eva’s mother. However, when we intent to start the transformation process, permission is denied (In PSYCH-K we use an integrity check).

It happens again so we need to do something different!


You can’t change your reality while living in the past

Clearly Eva is investing too much thinking, too much effort. Also, reliving the past inhibits her to see a way out.
I invite her to turn inwards and connect to a big desire that would change her life. Immediately she knows: it’s my sexuality, she cries out!

Suddenly Eva realizes somehow she is still this fighting against her mother’s limiting messages about sexuality, loving yourself, enjoying to be loved and to love, relationships with men… These beliefs are like engraved on her (subconscious) mind.  


Own your own personal truth

Now the goal for Eva’s Relationship Balance is to connect in a peaceful and powerful way to her sexuality. We use a process to synchronize the brain and transform the subconscious ‘mindchat’.

Eva’s energy, thoughts, feelings and perceptions are shifting. On subconscious level she is liberating herself from inhibiting beliefs and the impact of sabotaging experiences. The old triggers are neutralized: she will not be susceptible any more to her mother’s ideas.

Instead – and at the same time – she builds her own personal truth about love, being loved, sexuality, sensuality, relationships with men...

Eva is ready and open for change. What a relief.

The shift in thinking and feeling Eva observes during the Balance are the first signals of the results that are now showing up in her life. The new perceptions are integrated on subconscious level (that’s where we keep our personal truth about ourselves).  

While so many authors like Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Elizabeth Blackburn explain why we need to change our perceptions and beliefs on subconscious level, to live a healthy and fulfilling life, PSYCH-K enables you to do it. With ease, joy and fulfilment.


So what about your relationships?

  • what relationship could be better… in what way?
  • what’s your story about this relationship?
  • what if you would stop allowing the other person to impact you…
  • and instead focus on yourself? Find out how this issue is related to a big desire that lives inside, waiting to be heard?
  • do your transformational work with a method you know.

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