“Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation.” Lao Tzu.

Recover from a setback and feel better than ever before.

An individual empowerment session is for those who belief change is possible and seek some assistance.
If you are ready to get unstuck… if you want to move on with your life… a PSYCH-K session is a great way to co-create what you want in your personal and professional life.   

  • We examine your questions, challenges, desires.
  • You replace obstacles with uplifting beliefs.
  • Immediately you will feel better. 
  • After the session you will observe changes in hours, days or weeks.
  • Most appreciated by people is the ease of the process and the fact you are always in ‘control’.
  • The difference is noticeable for yourself and your environment.
The result of working with me

You know what you want; your thoughts are positive; you have the energy and the courage to take action and create a fulfilling life.


I had 2 PSYCH-K sessions with Mariette. What did I get out of these 2 hours? An incredible feeling of inner support, freedom and piece in many situations where I didn’t have them before, an increased quality of life and experiences!

Lots of “wow” moments: wow, I don’t have this fear anymore; wow, I can express my ideas out load without any fears; wow, this doesn’t irritate me anymore; wow, I went through this day easily and in a good mood which in the past would have caused me a lot of frustration and pain; wow, I don’t want to see my ex; wow, I don’t need to call anyone to find support, I am support for myself and I feel good!!! And many many more of those wows..

I have no clue how this works but it definitely does work! Mariette is very professional in what she is doing, it was so easy and so safe to work with her!! She hears you, helps greatly to form your thoughts and guides through the process. The great thing I also loved about this method – I didn’t have to go through many painful memories but focused on believes I wanted to change.

Honestly the most impactful 2 hours in my life and the best investment, it pays back in minutes after the session! Thank you so so much, Mariette!!!!! Natalie, Project manager, Switserland.


Let go of everything that no longer serves you

Through this work I know and trust any issue can be transformed with PSYCH-K. 
For example:
perfectionism / doubt  /  procrastination  /  fatigue  /  inner conflicts  /   resistance to change  /  lack of self-love  /  communication  /  feeling of not being heard or seen  /  physical complaints or diseases  /  high sensitivity  /  not fully using your talents  /  lack of joy or satisfaction in life or work  /  no balance between giving and receiving  /  not taking care of your own needs  /  problems with leadership (in family, groups, teams…)  /  problems with relationships in personal or business life  /  insecurity  /  stagnation in your business  /  lack of grounding  /  no harmony with oneself, others and the world  /  desire for integral health in body and mind (ask for an analysis with action plan)  /  difficulties finding peace with loss and grief or other painful emotions  /  vanishing twin  /  holding yourself back  /  blocked by traumatic events  /  lack of energy or motivation  /  and much more…


How it works

  • a session lasts 1 hour. 
  • there is no intake session. Before the session you answer a few questions via email. 
  • during the first minutes we explore what you want instead of the current difficulties.
  • then we start using muscle testing and ‘Balances’ to access and change the subconscious mind. 
  • we can work on one or more issues per session.
  • to make the best use of our time I recommend to read the information on this introductory page. 


How many sessions?

  • PSYCH-K transformation processes are easy and quick and create sustainable results.
  • The number of sessions depends on what you want to achieve.
  • You will notice the first changes during the session.
  • After the first session, you will observe the results in your daily life. Your thinking, feeling, behavior and your overall wellbeing will change
  • I recommend a second session to follow up the first results and continue to improve your well-being.


Sessions at a distance

  • It is possible to do sessions F2F or via Skype.
  • This works fine, also if you are not yet familiar with PSYCH-K.
Wondering if this is also works for you? 
Use the form below (to book a session or to get a free Discovery Call). 


Your investment is € 100 (+ VAT) per 1 hour session.
For students and young people under 25 years, the fee is € 50 per session.
Unemployed people can ask a reduction.

Fill out this form for a free 20 minutes discovery call. What do I need to know to be able to help? Add your motivation to apply for this free session (4 sessions available per month).


PSYCH-K® is focused on changing beliefs and perceptions. The goal is to activate your natural self-healing ability. If you need medical treatment PSYCH-K® is complementary; it does not serve as a replacement. PSYCH-K® does not give  a diagnosis. The explanation for the rapid improvement of physical complaints is the shift in your beliefs about yourself,  your health and your healing capabilities.