How to prevent the september blues kicking in?


Summer is over! It’s time to DO something before the September blues kick in.


Take your first step today with 4 action steps, 50 supporting beliefs (free), a video for “First Aid Relief” and a free focus call.
Summer energized me with plenty of exiting ideas! Inspiration came walking through the rice fields and kasrt mountains of Vietnam: the colors, the people, the amazing scenery. Back home I immediately started planning and initalizing new projects. But it wasn’t always like that!
How come it is different this year?

This summer I deliberately set an intention to connect to ‘that something’ I needed to have more focus. Thanks to my Balances and allowing myself to take time for my work-out every day, I found the solution. I had to ‘appreciate what is’  –  with compassion and joy.

Of course, I worked on this subject before, but now I transformed deeply hidden beliefs and emotions. What a relief!  It gives me focus and energizes me to take action.


When school and work and ‘everything’ starts again, intentions seem to disappear

A lot of people return from their holiday with exiting ideas: to stay healthy and fit, to protect their work life balance, to nurture their relationship and friendships, to find a new job, to daily do some yoga or meditation, to kick-start a new project…

But suddenly schools starts, workload ramps-up and energy fades away. There are no signs their ideas become actual facts… it doesn’t simply happen. Everything stays the same.

How to break this pattern?