The ultimate goal of teamwork is achieve results!

Trust is understood as foundational and accelerator to team success and business results.

During my work facilitating team effectiveness I experienced trust as the starting point of everything we need for excellent performance (transparency, clear goals, commitment, efficiency, accountability). 

Trust grows when we allow vulnerability. It’s the source of effective communication, creativity, innovation and productivity. When we tap into our vulnerability, we discover our strengths, we enable ourselves to use our full potential, we connect and communicate effectively

We need to create environments where anyone can offer solutions, and everyone is allowed to question it, in order to effectively move forward and achieve results.


“Still after two years – when we are stuck – we ask ourselves ‘What would Mariette ask us to move beyond this moment?” 

Diane. Teamleader Brussels Telecom Belgium


“It was a perfect combination: Mariette facilitated a practical workshop about effective meetings and we also had individual sessions. The individual part was surprising: I discovered and transformed inner tension about taking my position. It made a real difference: before I let myself be guided too much by the powerful parties around the table. Now I take my position as a professional project leader. It’s easier, more effective and it saves time!”

Gert, Architect Antwerp Belgium   

Looking for a real shift? These are the steps:


  • Surveys: disclose the current situation measured on multiple team effectiveness elements
  • Healthy Human behavior: insights from neurosciences, stress management and communication. 
  • Impact: why should things be different? 
  • Facilitate the shift:  turn around limiting perceptions, seeing with new eyes, focus on possibilities  
  • Transform: now DO the things differently so goals and ambitions become reality.

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