“The active ingredient in mind/body healing is belief.” Robert M. Williams, M.A. Originator of PSYCH-K®

In 2018 this workshop will take place at 1-4 November, in Leuven, Belgium.

Your instructor is Duccio Locati. Organizer: Mariette Ham.

In this workshop you lift yourself and the impact of your PSYCH-K work to a higher and deeper level. You learn to use the processes you know from the Advanced Workshop in a different way. So you already are familiar with the structure of the processes.

Now you deepen and specialize your capabilities for issues related to health and well-being.

Professionals in the field of Medicine and Health discover during this workshop how they can integrate this with their own methods. The effectiveness of the treatment will accelerate or increase.

Read below all details about the content of this programme.

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In this video Duccio shares his own personal and professional growth with PSYCH-K as well as the personal and professional results with this workshop: 

  • At 12 minutes listen to a real life story where transforming an allergy turned into a life changing experience
  • At 17.20 minutes Duccio explains what are the benefits for everybody; and later he specifies for professionals in the wide field of medicine and health professions


Content of the workshop

How to collaborate with Your “Mind Doctor”:

Your “Mind Doctor” is the primary connecting factor for the PSYCH-K®, body/mind/spirit model of wellness, and is a strong ally in creating and maintaining a deep state of well-being in three critical levels of wellness: Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual. It is our assertion that the recognition and utilization of the mind as a vital part of wellness and is largely unrecognized and underutilized in the Western mainstream medical model. This program uses the concept of the “Mind Doctor” to create a more comprehensive model for optimal health and wellness.

The 4 Levels of Reality

How to be able to see a health issue or condition from 4 different points of view, in order to find the best solution to the situation. This will allow us to move beyond our old patterns, and also to help our wellness partner do the same.

Beliefs Related to Health and Wellness

We will balance beliefs linked to PSYCH-K principles, such as cooperation, relationship with the wellness partner, the healing process and the spiritual aspect linked to wellbeing.

Optimal Health Balance

You will be introduced to, and experience balancing for, 22 beliefs related to the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology system. You’ll test and balance 22 paired belief statements that are strongly correlated with people who enjoy are high level of functioning as it relates to health and wellness. We refer to these beliefs as “the 22 long-life elixirs.” This balance is done in the same structure of the Core Belief Balance, with a very important action plan included after the balancing of beliefs itself is competed.

Alternative Life Balance

The goal of this balance is to bring into our current life all the beliefs and the physiology of a life free from any harmful or undesirable conditions affecting us. We will create the desired reality from a sensorial point of view and will activate biological, biochemical, psychological, and spiritual well-being responses in our present reality.

How to Manage a Condition Linked to Well-Being

We will learn key questions to ask our wellness partner (and ourselves) and how to help him/her/ourselves to find the solution. We will see the importance of the Facilitator in this process and how to manage a session from its inception to its conclusion.

How to Transform Past/Present/Future Traumas

You will learn how to transform the perception of a “traumatic” or event stressful situation (i.e. the outcome of a medical exam) into a perception that will support the goal of reaching and maintaining a state of deep wellbeing.

How to Find Messages and Secondary Gains Related to a Condition

Very often, learning and balancing to internalize the psycho-spiritual messages related to a limiting condition that’s affecting our life, will illuminate the reason/ need for the condition to continue to exist in the body or mind.  This can help facilitate the dissipation of the condition.

The concept of Secondary Gain can help us discover if we have any “gain,” or actual benefit (usually psychological) in maintaining a condition or situation as it is. Most frequently, these secondary gains are at a subconscious level and we’re not consciously aware of them.

How to approach allergies and intolerances in a different, fast and practical way

You’ll learn an innovative way to deal with allergies and intolerances.

VAK for a Well Being State

We will review specific suggestions on how to use the VAK to the Future to reach and maintain a state of well-being. This may also help us understand if there are any limitations keeping us from reaching the desired state.

How to Create Specific Balances

How to understand your wellness partner´s belief system in order to custom design balances with your wellness partner, for specific goals.

The Importance of Intention and Its Application

An innovative and expansive way to work with PSYCH-K®.

How to Use PSYCH-K® with Other Methodologies

We’ll learn how to integrate, empower and accelerate other methodologies that we are presently practicing.

First Aid

We will see how PSYCH-K® can also be used as a useful complement in first aid situations before/during/after the necessary medical treatment is done.


We will offer a new way to understand the concept of prevention, and how to expand our consciousness regarding the true meaning of prevention.

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