DIVINE RETREAT. Group language: English (material in multiple languages)

Welcome to the special summer edition of the Divine Retreat

GOOD VIBES: spend quality time with yourself in the inspiring environment of the Castle LaSalle in the south of France! 


Dates:  28-29-30 July 2019
Instructor: Mariette Ham
Organizator and PSYCH-K Facilitator: Vivia de la Chesnais
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  • stay and join us in the DIVINE Workshop (28-30 July)

Special holiday options:

  • bring your family or friends (there are facilities for groups – also if they don’t join the workshop) 
  • join a yogaclass (separate class in same venue) 

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Join us in CasteLaSalle, to experience this uplofting life changing event


Dates: 28-29-30 July 2019 
Times: 9:00-17:00 (day 1); 9.00-16.00 (day 3)
Venue: Castle LaSalle
Price:  this workshop is a gift. You get the workshop / your instructors time / the material for free.
It’s the PSYCH-K policy to offer this Divine retreat this way because we want to contribute to a more sustainable world with peace of mind and life force for all people – aligned with the principles of nature and ancient wisdom about the law of ‘One’.

Your investment is your stay. 

General terms and conditions

  • Only your registration followed by your payment ensures your spot in the workshop.
  • Refund for your stay is only possible if a written cancellation request is received by email at least 1 month prior to the start
  • Changingyourbeliefs holds the right to cancel of postpone this workshop.