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You are perfect. Know it. Feel it. Show it.

After the workshop participants tell me: I feel like new.
What the secret?
​They changed their Beliefs about themselves, their life and their perception about the world.

Changing your beliefs? Learn how to do it.

In the 3 days intensive workshop you learn to delete old inhibiting thinking habits and replace it to:

  • Honor your authentic self
  • Live your values
  • Experience personal strenght.

After the workshop you are skilled to change your beliefs to:

  • Release impeding feelings or stress in only a few minutes;
  • Regain focus and resilience;
  • Boost your energy and see the beauty in your life;
  • Create perceptions and beliefs that support your goals and desires;
  • Get your points across easily and with impact;
  • Start to make your dreams come true (actions come naturally);
  • Experience harmony and resilience in all aspects of your life;
  • Live a wholehearted life.

Facilitating yourself and others

  • After the workshop you can facilitate yourself (self-coaching) and others.
  • Professionals will be able to use it with their clients.
  • Coaches, therapists, osteopaths, healers, doctors and a wide range of other professionals easily integrate the PSYCH-K transformational processes into their practice.
Participants tell us how surprised they are with the results of the Basic Workshop:

  • “I should have known this years before!”
  • “It is amazing: these processes are so simple and yet so powerful!”
  • “After a balance my pain in my shoulders disappeared. Also my osteopath was surprised”
  • “My mother told me my thinking has really changed; I am much more positive”
  • “I was able to transform fear into courage. Now I dare to speak up. It makes a huge difference in my life!”
  • “Now I release stress in the moment and on top of that I can delete the triggers that caused my stress.”
  • “A lot has changed: I feel a peace of mind I never imagined possible”
  • “At last I have the solution to create a healthy life. After all I tried before I never expected this result.”

Content of the three-days Basic Workshop

The PSYCH-K Basic Workshop provides the foundational basis and background knowledge about PSYCH-K® as well as two generic transformational processes called Balances: the New Direction Balance and the Resolution Balance.
You will also learn a clarification process for the subconscious mind (goal setting). And much more!

The first day includes reviewing the concept of PSYCH-K as well as the basic theoretical background.

  • You will understand the role of the conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind. During the 3 days you will learn how to align them and use them appropriately.
  • You will get a demonstration of the two transformational processes.
  • Than the participants partner to experience the processes and to practice in pairs. Afterwards we discuss and review the practice to deepen your insights and to improve skills.
  • You will experience how to use a unique muscle testing process to access the subconscious mind.
  • You learn how to synchronize your brain to free your full potential (the ‘whole brain’ state).

The second day expands with  inspirational background, applications and practice.

  • You also learn how to do the goal clarification process for the subconscious mind.
  • You learn how to write self-enhancing belief statements and integrate them during the workshop.
  • You will receive 175 powerful belief statements helping and inspiring you to write your own well-formed and compelling belief statements.
The third day is focused on recognizing and understanding your personal typical automatic responses to stress or other limiting feelings and perceptions.
The exercises enable you to release stressfull perceptions within a few minutes, to let go of old automatic reponses and to create peace of mind with past, present and future experiences.
You will learn how to integrate PSYCH-K in your daily life and how to facilitate transformational processes with others.
During these three days you will get my guidance and feedback to integrate the processes. This way you are fully equipped to apply these processes after the workshop.

Applications cover all life areas like:

  • Personal power and impact: increase your self-confidence and willingness to take positive action in your life.
  • Tap into the possibilities of abundance in all aspects of your life: love, relationships, health, creativity, money…
  • Health and resilience: reduce emotional disease and program your body and mind for optimal health.
  • Grief and loss: resolve painful memories and find greater peace and happiness.
  • Relationships: create beliefs that support you in having healthy, loving or reciprocal relationships; also at work.
  • Spirituality: release subconscious resistance to spirituality, experiencing your connection with wholeness.
  • Self-image: discover beliefs that can help you to unconditionally appreciate and accept yourself.

Your investment 

Your investment for the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop covers three days of intensive learning and practicing.
  • Early Bird (1 month before the start):  670 euro (price for the workshop delivered in Belgium)
  • Regular fee: 720 euro (price for the workshop delivered in Belgium)
  • KMO portefeuille: the Flemish government gives 40% subsidies to Belgian entrepreneurs / independents.
Fees cover the workshop including drinks and snacks. Lunches, lodging and travel are at your own expense. ​
Contact me if you have questions about payments.

Extra benefits after attending the workshop  

  • you can always repeat the workshop to review the content and to practice the processes (40 euro per day)
  • you can attend practice days (25 euro per day).


May 25, 2018 @ 9:00 am
May 27, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
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Paderborn, Germany


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