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Welcome to GOOD VIBES, the special summer edition of the Divine Retreat

Relax and rewire to tansform. Spend quality time with yourself and like-minded people

Enjoy the soulsoothing environment of the Chateau de La Salle in the south of France! 


Dates:  (27th July arrival day) Divine: 28-29-30 July 2019
Instructor: Mariette Ham
Event organizator and PSYCH-K Facilitator: Vivia de la Chesnais

Vivia is are ready to answer any questions: email her at [email protected]  or call Vivia at:  +49 15 73 511 36 03
Vivia de la Chesnais opens her ancestral home, Chateau de LaSalle in Central France, with great hospitality.


Special holiday options: bring your family or friends (there are facilities – also if they don’t join the workshop).

Join us in Burgundy, France, to experience this soulful life changing event


Dates: (27 arrival day) 28-29-30 July 2019 
Times: check out the full summer schedule (for 1 or 2 or 3 workshops)
Venue: Chateau de LaSalle
Price:  this workshop is a gift. There is no fee for the workshop / your instructors time / the material.
This is a PSYCH-K gesture as a contribution to a more sustainable world with peace of mind and well-being for everybody.

Your investment: your travel and stay.