ADVANCED INTEGRATION WORKSHOP, Malaga – Spain. November 14-17, 2019 Language: English.


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The Advanced Integration Workshop PSYCH-K

Take yourself to a new level of awareness and expand your transformation skills. Immerse yourself in deep change processes like Core Beliefs, Relationships, communication and much more.

Practice with your peers to master the new skills, using Energy, Breath, Belief Points on the body and more.  This is the place to learn how to live a wholehearted life.


Click here to read all about the deep transformational change and the special Balances, results, approach, applications. 


This Advanced Integration Workshop is part of our ‘relax and rewire your mind’ retreat. It is a unique opportunity to attend a highly appreciated formula:  attend the Basic and Advanced Workshops back-to-back for a life changing experience.

  • The Basic Workshop: change your beliefs and release stress to free your mind and empower yourself
  • The Advanced Integration Workshop: learn tools for deep change (core beliefs, relationships, communication, lifescript, and much more).Coming home, feeling whole. 
  • Optional: yoga or chi-kung classes.

Of course you can join us for the Advanced Workshop only.


What participants say about attending the Basic and Advanced workshops back-to-back

  • In July 2019 I spent 12 wonderful days in Chateau de LaSalle in France while participating in PSYCH-K Basic and Advanced workshops. I was repeating the Basic workshop and though I´d had already some experience with these processes, Mariette gave us a lot of practical tips of how to create a perfect Goal Statement or how to cope when things don´t go accurately. Everything was very simple and logical and her amazing and charming way of teaching and demonstrating I shall remember forever. After 2 days off in between both workshops I was really curious and eager to learn more, as the atmosphere was very vibrant. With her lightness and humour, Mariette gave us courage to undergo some new balances like Core Belief Balance which might reveal some hidden side of Ourselves. I found out that going through such Balance with friends from the Basic workshop was just a priceless gift. Feeling secure and understood allowed me to go really very deep. Discovering my hidden core belief just opened my eyes and allowed me to comprehend of what had been limiting me so far. That is just a huge step towards my transformation.Dear Mariette, thank you so much for showing me the way towards transformation and happiness. I can feel I´m knocking on the door now. It is really difficult to express in words how I feel. My gratitude is endless. Irena

We will rent a venue for the workshop which also offers accomodation for the participants. So don’t book an accommodation (wait until we confirm the venue). 


Dates: November 14-17, 2019  (Arrival day: November 13)
Venue: Malaga area (venue to be confirmed)
Instructor: Mariette Ham.
Contact me with any question: [email protected]  | phone: +32 486.99.11.88

Price:  € 1028,50 (€ 850 + VAT)  (Early Bird until 1 month before the start). Normal fee: € 1095 +VAT.
Repeaters fee: 200
 euro (bring your own material)
Reduction: register with 2 to get the Early Bird fee until the workshop starts.


 Need help planning your travel? Questions about the workshop? I’m happy to answer. Please use this form.


General terms and conditions

  • Only your registration followed by your payment ensures your spot in the workshop.
  • Refunds for PSYCH-K Workshops are only possible if a written cancellation request is received by email at least 14 days prior to the workshop
  • The Instructor holds the right to change the venue of the workshop anytime. Participants are informed in due time
  • The Instructor holds the right to cancel of postpone a workshop. Paid tuition will be rolled over to another workshop.

Please wait with booking your trip until the workshop is confirmed.


Warmly welcome! Mariette, Instructor.